Installing the library

Install Package

Before you can use the table viewer in your application, you’ll need to install the Nuget package:

dotnet add package Eladb.DynamoTableViewer --version 3.0.6

Output should look like this:

info : Adding PackageReference for package 'Eladb.DynamoTableViewer' into project '~/cdk-workshop/src/CdkWorkshop/CdkWorkshop.csproj'.
info : Restoring packages for ~/cdk-workshop/src/CdkWorkshop/CdkWorkshop.csproj...
info :   GET
info :   OK 240ms
info :   GET
info :   OK 241ms
info : Installing Eladb.DynamoTableViewer 3.0.6.
info : Package 'Eladb.DynamoTableViewer' is compatible with all the specified frameworks in project '~/cdk-workshop/src/CdkWorkshop/CdkWorkshop.csproj'.
info : PackageReference for package 'Eladb.DynamoTableViewer' version '3.0.6' added to file '~/cdk-workshop/src/CdkWorkshop/CdkWorkshop.csproj'.
info : Committing restore...
info : Writing assets file to disk. Path: ~/cdk-workshop/src/CdkWorkshop/obj/project.assets.json
log  : Restore completed in 1.31 sec for ~/cdk-workshop/src/CdkWorkshop/CdkWorkshop.csproj.

Now we are ready to add a viewer to our app.