Testing Constructs

Testing Constructs (Optional)

The CDK Developer Guide has a good guide on testing constructs. For this section of the workshop we are going to use the Fine-Grained Assertions and Validation type tests.


  1. Install the required testing packages.
$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

CDK assert Library

We will be using the CDK assertions (aws_cdk.assertions) library throughout this section. The library contains several helper functions for writing unit and integration tests.

For this workshop we will mostly be using the has_resource_properties function. This helper is used when you only care that a resource of a particular type exists (regardless of its logical identfier), and that some properties are set to specific values.


template.has_resource_properties("AWS::CertificateManager::Certificate", {
    "DomainName": "test.example.com",
    "ShouldNotExist": Match.absent(),

Match.absent() can be used to assert that a particular key in an object is not set (or set to undefined).

To see the rest of the documentation, please read the docs here.