Validation Tests

Validation Tests

Sometimes we want the inputs to be configurable, but we also want to put constraints on those inputs or validate that the input is valid.

Suppose for the HitCounter construct we want to allow the user to specify the readCapacity on the DynamoDB table, but we also want to ensure the value is within a reasonable range. We can write a test to make sure that the validation logic works: pass in invalid values and see what happens.

First, add a readCapacity property to the HitCounterProps interface:

export interface HitCounterProps {
  /** the function for which we want to count url hits **/
  downstream: lambda.IFunction;

   * The read capacity units for the table
   * Must be greater than 5 and lower than 20
   * @default 5
  readCapacity?: number;

Then update the DynamoDB table resource to add the readCapacity property.

const table = new dynamodb.Table(this, 'Hits', {
  partitionKey: { name: 'path', type: dynamodb.AttributeType.STRING },
  readCapacity: props.readCapacity ?? 5

Now add a validation which will throw an error if the readCapacity is not in the allowed range.

export class HitCounter extends cdk.Construct {
  /** allows accessing the counter function */
  public readonly handler: lambda.Function;

  /** the hit counter table */
  public readonly table: dynamodb.Table;

  constructor(scope: cdk.Construct, id: string, props: HitCounterProps) {
    if (props.readCapacity !== undefined && (props.readCapacity < 5 || props.readCapacity > 20)) {
      throw new Error('readCapacity must be greater than 5 and lower than 20');

    super(scope, id);
    // ...

Now lets add a test that validates the error is thrown.

test('read capacity can be configured', () => {
  const stack = new cdk.Stack();

  expect(() => {
    new HitCounter(stack, 'MyTestConstruct', {
      downstream:  new lambda.Function(stack, 'TestFunction', {
        runtime: lambda.Runtime.NODEJS_10_X,
        handler: 'lambda.handler',
        code: lambda.Code.inline('test')
      readCapacity: 3
  }).toThrowError(/readCapacity must be greater than 5 and lower than 20/);

Run the test.

$ npm run build && npx jest

You should see an output like this:

$ npm run build && npx jest

> cdk-workshop@0.1.0 build /home/aws-cdk-intro-workshop
> tsc

> cdk-workshop@0.1.0 test /home/aws-cdk-intro-workshop
> jest

 PASS  test/hitcounter.test.ts
  ✓ DynamoDB Table Created (175ms)
  ✓ Lambda Has Environment Variables (54ms)
  ✓ read capacity can be configured (7ms)

Test Suites: 1 passed, 1 total
Tests:       3 passed, 3 total
Snapshots:   0 total
Time:        1.801s, estimated 3s
Ran all test suites.