Cleanup sample

Delete the sample code from your stack

The project created by cdk init sample-app includes an SQS queue, and an SNS topic. We’re not going to use them in our project, so remove them from your the CdkWorkshopStack constructor.

Open lib/cdk-workshop-stack.ts and clean it up. Eventually it should look like this:

import cdk = require('@aws-cdk/core');

export class CdkWorkshopStack extends cdk.Stack {
  constructor(scope: cdk.App, id: string, props?: cdk.StackProps) {
    super(scope, id, props);

    // nothing here!

cdk diff

Now, that we modified our stack’s contents, we can ask the toolkit to show us what will happen if we run cdk deploy (the difference between our CDK app and what’s currently deployed):

cdk diff

Output should look like the following:

IAM Statement Changes
│   │ Resource                        │ Effect │ Action          │ Principal                 │ Condition                                        │
│ - │ ${CdkWorkshopQueue50D9D426.Arn} │ Allow  │ sqs:SendMessage │ │ "ArnEquals": {                                   │
│   │                                 │        │                 │                           │   "aws:SourceArn": "${CdkWorkshopTopicD368A42F}" │
│   │                                 │        │                 │                           │ }                                                │
(NOTE: There may be security-related changes not in this list. See

[-] AWS::SQS::Queue CdkWorkshopQueue50D9D426 destroy
[-] AWS::SQS::QueuePolicy CdkWorkshopQueuePolicyAF2494A5 destroy
[-] AWS::SNS::Topic CdkWorkshopTopicD368A42F destroy
[-] AWS::SNS::Subscription CdkWorkshopTopicCdkWorkshopQueueSubscription88D211C7 destroy

As expected, all of our resources are going to be brutally destroyed.

cdk deploy

Run cdk deploy and proceed to the next section (no need to wait):

cdk deploy

You should see the resources being deleted.