If you are planning on using the Python Workshop, you obviously will need to have Python installed. Specifically, you will need version 3.6 or later. You can find information about downloading and installing Python here.

If you use Windows, be sure Python is on your PATH. To see if it is, type python at a command prompt. The easiest way to make sure Python is on your PATH is to tick the Add Python 3.x to PATH checkbox on the first screen of the Python installer wizard. If you already have Python installed, but it’s not on your PATH, you can add it by editing the PATH environment variable. To edit environment variables, click the Environment Variables button in the Advanced page of Windows’ System Properties. (Quickest way to get there: press and release the Windows key, type env, and choose Edit the system environment variables from the Start menu.)

Additionally you will need to have the Python package installer (pip) installed. See installation instructions here.